Ishaan Khatter opens up on working in Hollywood debut project ‘The Perfect Couple’

Nov 08, 2023

Mumbai, Nov 08(ANI): Actor Ishaan Khatter who is awaiting the release of his film ‘Pippa’, opened up on working on his debut Hollywood project ‘The Perfect Couple’. Talking exclusively to ANI, Ishaan revealed how he got selected for the project and the difference between working on a Bollywood project and a Hollywood project. He said, “The audition process was as normal as it is here. I got a script, taped myself, and sent my audition and they selected me. I don't think there is any difference between working here and there. Even if the language changes, human emotion never changes. There is not much difference at the fundamental level, their system and formalities are slightly different to do it, and obviously, the language is different so that's the main difference but apart from that I think what we do is the same.”