Wooden items displayed at Moscow’s Zhar-Ptica exhibition

Nov 20, 2022

Moscow (Russia), Nov 20 (ANI/ TV BRICS): Craftsmen and artisans from all over Russia presented their products at the "Zhar-Ptica" (firebird) specialised exhibition fair which was recently organised in Moscow. One of the exhibitors, Natalia Zhukova began collecting traditional wooden utensils for herself as a hobby. Her hobby soon turned into a job due to appreciation by admirers. With time passing by, more people have started admiring her craft. Here too, wood is the foundation of all creativity. Beautiful figurines of animals, fairy or real animals, spirits, angels and amulets, all are made out of wood. Some of the images can be traced back several centuries. Other works are inspired by modern motifs. No figurines are made with computerised machines. The shape is acquired the old-fashioned way - with an axe. Then they are sanded and painted.