Strict security measures in place for India-Pakistan T20 clash in New York. Details here

Jun 04, 2024

New York (USA), June 04, (ANI): Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County Executive on June 04 briefed about the security arrangements made for the India-Pakistan clash in New York. He said, "We've been gearing up for that match because we know it's the biggest match in the world and we'll have extra security that day. We have our Nassau County Police Department, which handles major events all the time. They do a great job. We have our New York state police. We have our state park police, FBI, Port Authority Police, MTA police, fire marshall, and volunteer firefighters. We're going to be ready. Customs and Border Patrol is here today. We're going to be ready for anything that might occur, and we're pretty confident it won't happen. But if it does, we're ready..."