Nepal floods: Water recedes but death toll rises further

Jul 18, 2019

Kathmandu (Nepal), July 18 (ANI): After leaving a trail of devastation and wreaking havoc in 31 of the 77 districts of Nepal, water level in various districts has started receding but the death toll has increased further to 88. At least 31 are still believed to be missing. In a week of the havoc caused by the floods and landslides, a total of 3,366 people were rescued, as per the government figures. As per the government figures 27,000 police personnel; some 8,000 from the Nepal Army and 8,150 from the Armed Police Force (AFP) have been mobilized to the flood-hit areas for the rescue work. Also, the helicopters are kept on standby mode in Kathmandu, Itahari and Dhanusha districts in case of emergency as well as to facilitate rescue, relief and transport flood and landslide survivors. Now with the receding of water level in the Southern Plains, fear of breakout of epidemics has increased due to lack of sanitation. Meanwhile, the government had decided to not seek foreign aid for the current disaster rather it has directed local bodies to expedite the work of rescue and relief.