Renowned healthcare brand Lilavati Hospital to begin operations at Gujarat's GIFT City Led by Prashant Mehta

Renowned healthcare brand Lilavati Hospital to begin operations at Gujarat's GIFT City Led by Prashant Mehta

Nov 30, 2022

New Delhi [India], November 30 (ANI/Digpu): Prashant Mehta to serve Lilavati Hospital in Gujarat; GIFT City facility will be the western Indian state's latest all-in-one mega healthcare destination.
Lilavati Hospital, one of India's most advanced hospitals in India, will soon begin operations at the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, also known as GIFT City. The new facility will be led by Prashant Mehta, who will serve the latest all-in-one mega healthcare facility from the renowned hospital brand.
With the opening of the new hospital facility, Gujarat and West India's healthcare needs are expected to be met in the most remarkable manner. The Mehta family-backed
, based in Mumbai, has been in operations for the past 25 years. From just 10 beds, the hospital brand has seen multi-fold growth and it currently has more than 300 beds.
Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai caters to over 300 in-patients and 1,500 out-patients daily from different corners of the world who find themselves at the hospital for their unparalleled treatment, owing to its reputation and world-class doctors.
Lilavati Hospital at GIFT City to deploy air ambulances
The renowned healthcare brand's arrival in GIFT City offers a slew of top-class facilities and infrastructure spread across 500,000 square feet on 7.25 acres of land. Detailing the plans for the new hospital complex, Prashant Mehta said that the hospital will deploy air ambulances in a move to provide people of Gujarat and other western regions of the other states with easier access to the hospital.
Lilavati Hospital's GIFT City project has as its prime objective, enhancement of Gujarat's socio-economic situation and quality of life by offering high-calibre healthcare at reasonable prices. The healthcare brand envisages offering everyone the care they need, regardless of who they are. By establishing a cutting-edge hospital in GIFT City, Lilavati Hospitalwill once again position India as a centre for medical tourism.
A team of talented and experienced doctors from across the globe will join Lilavati Hospital, GIFT City, to treat patients with all types of diseases and ailments. Additionally, the productive wing of the hospital, SEWA which provides aid to the underprivileged, will continue to serve patients who belong to the lower-income sector of society.
Equipped with the most modern medical tools and techniques
The Lilavati Hospitalin GIFT City will have access to the most modern medical tools and techniques, including robotic surgery with an emphasis on cardiology, cancer, and organ transplants, as well as an air-ambulance facility connected to all of the nation's major metropolises.
Cutting-edge robotic surgery to be offered at the hospital would allow surgeons to use computers to direct the motions of a robotic arm. This procedure will do away with the need for open surgery as small surgical instruments can be mounted to the robot's arm. This, in turn, would also make sure that chances of infection are nil and the patient will be able to recuperate more quickly. The facility would aid Lilavati Hospital will be able to provide patients with better treatment.
Birth of a renowned healthcare brand
The Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre came into being after Kirtilal Mehta, the founder, decided to open a hospital as a tribute to his late wife, Lilavati Mehta, who passed away in 1964 due to lack of adequate healthcare facilities at the time.
Kirtilal Mehta, a successful, internationally-recognised diamond merchant, established the hospital brand with the support of his mother Menaben Mehta, a philanthropist who helped graciously with the funding and operations of the hospital.
Prashant Mehta and Rajesh Mehta, the hospital's current leaders, recall learning about their family's humanitarian work and involvement in Lilavati Hospital when they were still quite young. They recall the discussions over the construction of the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, which sparked their interest in the medical field.
Over the years, Prashant Mehta and Rajesh Mehta have worked relentlessly towards gaining in-depth and precise knowledge along with the technical experience that one requires to climb the ladder to lead a hospital. The hard work of Prashant Mehta during the recent Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a turning point in his life as he provided vaccines to millions working with a team 24/7 for almost 18 months.
During the epidemic, Prashant Mehta was on the frontline, overseeing one of India's biggest immunisation campaigns while also treating patients who had been infected with the coronavirus and other life-threatening illnesses. According to Prashant Mehta, "despite the shortage of doctors and nurses amidst all the restrictions, it was the grace of the Almighty that allowed us to do our best for the public."
While Lilavati Hospital, GIFT City has been started under the direction of
, the sons Prashant Mehta and Rajesh Mehta, committed to the incorporation of the same passion, vision, and put their best foot forward for the project. "By building Lilavati Hospital in GIFT City, we hope to transform healthcare and significantly raise its standard of care. As we work toward achieving this, we intend to do so in accordance with the vision of our founder trustee, Kirtilal Mehta, which calls for ensuring access to healthcare for all people at an accessible and reasonable cost, regardless of caste, creed, or economic circumstance. Not only are we working towards providing basic facilities, but also ensuring that we enable access to the latest healthcare procedures and technologies in partnership with our international hospital partners and doctors," said Rajesh Mehta, when asked about the latest development he and Prashant Mehta are working on at the moment.
GIFT City facility: Proposed timeline
The implementation of this Lilavati Hospital plan at GIFT City, Gujarat, has begun in full force, and once everything falls into place as envisioned by the Kishor Mehta family, the public will witness a revolution of healthcare and hospitals in Gujarat and in the country in approximately three years, he added.
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