Marwari Catalysts announces World's first Carbon - Neutral Accelerator

Marwari Catalysts Takes A Bold Step Towards Becoming the World's First Carbon-Neutral Accelerator

Jan 16, 2024

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) [India], January 16: Marwari Catalysts (MCats), India's fastest-growing startup accelerator, proudly announces a bold step towards becoming the world's first carbon-neutral accelerator in 2024-25. This initiative draws inspiration from global efforts towards carbon neutrality, with a vision to set an exemplary standard for all the startups and startup accelerators worldwide.
Portfolio Commitment
MCats has embarked on a series of eco-friendly practices, solidifying its position as a leader in driving sustainable solutions within the startup ecosystem. Concurrently, 25% of the MCats' portfolio startups actively participate in developing cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future, emphasizing MCats' commitment to environmental responsibility.
Additionally, MCats' dedication to sustainability is exemplified through its climate change cohort and strategic investments in startups such as UCR, Buy by Scrap, Prakriti, Climekare, and others. Each of these ventures holds the potential to make a positive impact on society and the environment.
Eco-friendly Practices
MCats encourages its employees to adopt eco-friendly commuting practices. The accelerator plans to provide cycles to employees willing to commute via this sustainable mode of transportation. These cycles will be sourced from MCats' portfolio company, Bikecart, fostering sustainability while supporting a startup within the MCats ecosystem.
Carbon Credits for Carbon-Neutral Startups
In its unwavering commitment to carbon neutrality, MCats has acquired carbon credits from a portfolio company specializing in carbon audits. These credits will be instrumental in aiding MCats' startups in their journey towards achieving carbon neutrality.
Corporate Partnerships for Broader Impact
MCats actively seeks corporate partnerships to champion carbon-neutral activities. The accelerator is in the process of engaging with two or three corporations to launch a multiple carbon-neutral acceleration program, extending its impact on sustainability.
Inviting CleanTech Startups
MCats opens its doors to startups in the CleanTech sector, inviting them to apply to its Thrive program. The goal is to curate a diverse portfolio that addresses the challenges of achieving net-zero carbon footprints.
Founder's Perspective
Sushil Sharma, Founder of Marwari Catalysts, states, "I'm thrilled to share that our initiative towards becoming the world's first carbon-neutral accelerator speaks volumes about our belief in startups' potential for positive change. Moreover, our strategic investment in impactful and sustainable startups mirrors our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility."
Shareholder's Perspective
Shankar Ram, Chair TiE Global, states, "The commitment to sustainability at Marwari Catalysts is not just a strategic choice but a fundamental belief in the potential of startups to drive meaningful change. It's inspiring to see the accelerator pave the way as the world's first carbon-neutral accelerator."
He further adds, "Being part of MCats is an exciting journey, and I'm enthusiastic about the positive change we can collectively drive in the startup ecosystem."
Community Impact and Future Initiatives
MCats actively contributes to community development in Tier II and Tier III cities, creating a positive economic and social impact. Looking ahead, MCats plans to launch additional initiatives focused on empowering startups that align with the accelerator's mission of sustainability and innovation.
MCats runs a startup acceleration program, Thrive, to help startups grow and succeed in this dynamic business landscape. To learn more about the program, please visit
Marwari Catalysts is the fastest-growing startup accelerator founded in 2019. We uplift people and economies by facilitating and fostering startup ecosystems, primarily in the untapped markets of Tier II and Tier III cities.
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