Jogani CEO interviewed on Modiji's Mantra of Farm to Foreign

Jogani CEO interviewed on Modiji's Mantra of Farm to Foreign

May 25, 2023

Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 25: Maheshkumar Jogani, CEO of Jogani Group, hailed PM Narendra Modi's efforts and vision for uplifting the Indian textile industry, taking into account the interest of every stakeholder of supply and production chains (farmers, labour, small and big enterprises, etc.). His initiatives to facilitate trade and export have created an absolute value chain-based ecosystem, leading to a rise in exports and increasing foreign currency inflow.
While speaking to the media during an interview, Mahesh Kumar Jogani, the Head of the Gujarat-based corporate group- Jogani Group, was asked about the present situation of the Indian textile industry, where he shared his take on the integration of a product in multiple market areas. Narrating his experience, the CMD of Jogani Reinforcement Ltd was all praise for the Government initiatives to transform the textile industry in India, especially Surat. It is to be noted that the Surat textile industry has been a significant contributor to the economy for decades.
The business tycoon hailed the 'Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Prayas' vision of our PM in his interview. Union Minister Piyush Goyal posted the interview tagging ModiStory and shared it on his Insta handle. The story can also be read on the official social media webpage of PM Narendra Modi.
In the interview, Maheshkumar Jogani of Jogani Reinforcement recounted an anecdote where he said that during a 'Fiber to Fashion' textile exhibition in Surat when PM Modi, the then CM of Gujarat, was invited as the Chief Guest. The words of vision that the Prime Minister shared from the dais on how the fabric of India can reach foreign Lands was a landmark. It forever changed the Gujarat fabric industry's landscape, especially in South Gujarat. He suggested that instead of visualising a small concept of fibre to the fashion segment, why not make the industry operations reach a global platform by integrating the export market? We can elaborate it to Farm to Fibre, Fibre to Fabric, Fabric to Factory, Factory to Fashion and Fashion to Foreign concepts and generate more value creation for the industry and economy. This particular innovation will enable the various stakeholders involved in this ecosystem to elevate more remunerative earnings in the entire process.
Jogani elaborated more on specific facts. The stakeholders faced challenges like inadequate infrastructure, lack of skilled labour, outdated technology etc. These factors hindered the growth and competitiveness of the fabric industry in the global market; things changed under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' vision; numerous policies and schemes were introduced, such as Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme, Integrated Processing Development Scheme (IPDS), and Programs for training and skill development for workers. Moreover, the present government started investing heavily in improving the infrastructure in Gujarat. That has enabled Indian Economy to reach greater heights.
Everything became prominent with new roads, ports, uninterrupted power supply, etc. Subsidies and incentives are now available to many small and medium-sized textile manufacturers to modernise their operations and improve their productivity. Hence multiple educational workshops for farmers were spread out to familiarise them with the new technology. The advanced manufacturing processes became more eco-friendly, thereby reducing severe environmental impact. The results were relatively fast and evident. The quality of products increased manifold, productivity branding improved, and a sharp rise in farmers' yield and profit margin was noticed.
Overall, the commitment to bring back our dominance in fabric, especially the technical textile market, is what all the textile manufacturers are aiming for. Jogani reinforcement is one such influential market player that can contribute to weaving a holistic ecosystem for the reinforcement textile industry that will smoothen the growth and development of the country. You may reach to jogani group on

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