Counselling and career guidance from Praadis Education

Counselling and career guidance from Praadis Education

Mar 18, 2023

New Delhi [India], March 18 (ANI/PRAADIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD): Praadis Education is a leading educational institution, which is gaining in popularity not just for the high-quality education it offers to children from every segment of society, but also for the valuable guidance it dispenses regarding several career paths, to students across the country. Since its inception, Praadis Education has been helping students achieve their academic and career goals. With a team of highly qualified and experienced educators,
is committed to providing the best possible support to students in their academic and professional journeys.
A few years ago, when Praadis Education came across the fact that one of the biggest challenges for high school students is selecting a career stream that suits both, their interest and financial situation, it developed a comprehensive counselling and guidance program that helps students make informed decisions about their careers. Given today's highly competitive job market, some students even measure their worth with money they'd be making after the completion of higher studies.
embarked on the new project where it would also contribute important services like counselling and career guidance to students who find themselves in a fix. The counselling and career guidance program at Praadis Education is designed to assist students in identifying their strengths, interests, and goals. It involves a series of assessments that evaluate a student's personality, aptitude, and interests. Based on the results of these assessments, the counsellors at Praadis Education provide personalized career plans for students.
This program serves students all information regarding a wide range of topics, including course selection, college admissions, scholarships, internships, and job opportunities. Not to mention, the firm's one-on-one counselling sessions with experienced career counsellors who provide extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields have proven to be very helpful for students who have sought educational guidance from
. The regular workshops and seminars on various topics related to career development are an added bonus. These events are designed to provide students with practical insights into the job market, industry trends, and job search strategies.
In addition to counselling and career guidance,
also provides a range of academic support services, including study materials, online resources, test preparation courses, and coaching. The institution understands that academic success is essential for career success, and therefore, it provides students with all the resources and support they need to excel in their studies.
Choosing a career path can undoubtedly be a daunting task for many students, but Praadis Education is available to provide students with the best possible suggestions and options to help smooth their academic and professional journeys.
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