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CapSavvy's unique CRM Software successfully empowers 100 users across various SMEs

Jun 30, 2022

New Delhi [India], June 30 (ANI/SRV): CapSavvy, India's leading modern business advisory firm has successfully achieved a milestone of empowering 100 users across various SMEs with its integrated CRM Software.
Launched in 2021, the CRM software is an economical solution for small businesses and assists them in effectively achieving their goals.
CapSavvy CRM software enables a centralized data-sharing point to ensure internal coordination, lead management, and customer retention. It is one the most affordable business automation tool specially made for SMEs, Solopreneurs and Professional, with loads of features, essential to carry out smooth business operations such as leads management, sales management, service management and team management.
These features automate business operations and provide easy access of data to sales and support team, so that the SMEs get a better experience while dealing with their business operations.
CapSavvy CRM has served various sectors viz. Real Estate, CA Firms, Healthcare, Financial Advisors, HVAC and Engineering.
CapSavvy provides effective and customized business solutions to SMEs based on their organizational goals. Comprising a team of experts and advisors, CapSavvy specializes in various aspects of finance, technology, and education to provide a holistic approach to firms. The CRM software helps SMEs establish new opportunities that benefit their businesses.
About a year back, CapSavvy launched its CRM software after interacting with more than 500 SMEs across India. During such interactions, CapSavvy observed key challenges, being faced by Small business while doing their day-to-day sales process, team management and other operations. The recent pandemic enhanced these challenges manifold.
After accomplishing and doing diverse studies, following are demanding situations confronted with the aid of using CRM by SMEs and other enterprises:
1. Not proper data management
2. Low lead conversion rate
3. Poor customer interaction
4. High cost and expenses
5. Complicated and challenging to use
6. Post sales challenges
Highlighting CapSavvy's milestone, CA Anil Goyal, Founder, CapSavvy said, "Over the last few years, SMEs have emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector in the Indian economy. They not only help in generating a large number of employment opportunities but also contributes to the socio-economic development of the country. Having a right CRM can make a huge difference in the success of small businesses, especially when it comes to things like cultivating leads, turning leads into customers, and turning customers into brand loyalists. As a business and financial advisory firm, CapSavvy gets projects from various business sectors, while understanding their business we noticed the common problem they faced while managing their business was with customer data management, lead nurturing and team productivity. That's when the idea of developing our own CRM came."
CA Anil Goyal further added, "We take pride that our CRM Software is aligned with the Government's vision for SMEs digital growth and has assisted 100 users to date. With limited capital and investment funds, SMEs need solutions that are economical and help them in their growth journey. Our software is designed to improve customer satisfaction, increase connectivity and enhance sales effectively."
CapSavvy began its remarkable journey in 2019, as it ventured into business strategic advisory, private equity, and debt syndication. Since then, it has been working with various start-ups and SMEs on their journey of growth, through a professional board and a great team. The board consists of Debashish Mallick (former MD, Exim Bank), renowned CAs, IITians, and Engineers, who have been delivering quality services with a focused vision and strategy, to help bring the right funding to their clients.
CapSavvy also guides start-ups and SMEs as mentors, to help them make the right decisions for their business. In addition to this, CapSavvy also caters to the needs of firms that have crossed a certain threshold in terms of growth and profits. It helps them with a long-term vision, as well as a value proposition based on their products and services for further expansion.
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