Avancer Corp Hosts Successful Webinar on Securing Healthcare with IAM Solutions for Security C-Suite Professionals and IT Heads from Top Indian Hospitals

Avancer Corp Hosts Successful Webinar on Securing Healthcare with IAM Solutions for Security C-Suite Professionals and IT Heads from Top Indian Hospitals

Dec 09, 2023

New Delhi [India], December 9: Avancer Corp, a US-based leading provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, conducted a groundbreaking webinar on December 7, 2023, titled "Securing Healthcare: IAM Solutions for Healthcare InfoSec Leaders." The webinar was hosted in association with Hospital Tech, a collaborative network of IT professionals focused on enhancing knowledge and best practices within the Hospital industry's IT and Automation domains.
The event brought together more than 70 Security C-Suite Professionals and IT Heads from some of the premier hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. The webinar explored critical role of IAM in securing healthcare data and mitigating identity security risks through Avancer's IAM solution, Identity Bridge. The product has been designed to streamline identity processes and achieve identity automation.
The webinar featured US-based IAM experts Rajesh Mittal and Arun Mehta, along with Roopa Gupta, Head of Strategic Alliance, addressing the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in India, including Data Sensitivity, Insider Threats, User Access Complexity, and Regulatory Compliances. Emphasizing the need for robust IAM solutions, the experts highlighted how IAM solution can control access to sensitive healthcare data, preventing data breaches.
The team also showcased its innovative IAM solution, Identity Bridge during the webinar, focusing on some of the critical use cases for the healthcare industry. Being a pure-play IAM solution provider and leveraging almost two decades of experience in providing IAM solutions to some of the top global companies, Avancer designed Identity Bridge, an API engine that simplifies identity management and access control.
Some distinctive features of Identity Bridge include its ability to connect with various applications, fulfilment engine capability, vendor-neutral nature, easy deployment, and zero end-user training requirement. In a nutshell, Identity Bridge makes the identity lifecycle process secure, simple, and stress-free.

Some of the key features of Identity Bridge include:
* Ultimate integrator: Bridges applications and databases seamlessly.
* Secure data access: Enables safe retrieval from diverse sources such Active directory, HRMS and others.
* Quick deployment: Hassle-free implementation minimizes disruptions, optimizes resources.
* Access governance: Tools for monitoring, evaluating, and enforcing policies.
* Streamlined identity management: Comprehensive automation of the entire lifecycle.
* Cost-effective solution: Maximizes ROI without compromising security.
* Compliance assurance: Easily meets regulatory requirements.
* Audit readiness: Provides reporting features to make organizations audit ready.
Rajesh Mittal emphasized on the scalability and compliance-focused architecture of Identity Bridge, stating, "Our solution adapts to your unique needs, seamlessly integrating with applications and systems. Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable for us, simplifying access control policies and audit trails."
Arun Mehta delved into User Lifecycle Management within the IAM framework, emphasizing its importance in maintaining data security and access efficiency throughout a user's journey within a healthcare organization. He said, "In healthcare, the User Lifecycle encompasses the entire journey of a user, from onboarding to access provisioning, role changes, and ultimately, offboarding. Effectively managing this lifecycle is vital for maintaining data security and access efficiency."
Following the webinar's resounding success, Girish Koppar, GM-IT at Wockhardt Hospitals, voiced his contentment, affirming, "Identity and Access Management is a big pain area and CIOs are struggling to have a solution that can help manage the users at the time of onboarding and off-boarding employees across various applications. Avancer addressed these challenges through their innovative solution Identity Bridge."
The webinar received praise from participants like Sumit Singh from Timus Solutions Pvt Ltd, who noted, "The insights and expertise shared by the experts have truly enriched my understanding of the critical intersection between healthcare and IAM."
Avancer Corp remains committed to providing cutting-edge IAM solutions, bridging the gap between digital identities and diverse applications, and ensuring secure, seamless, and simple management of identity transactions.
Avancer Corp.: Avancer Corp. is a New Jersey-based leading provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, focusing on customer-based consulting approach to help organizations address various identity security challenges. With more than two decades of experience in the US market, Avancer's IAM experts are adept in addressing varied use cases through strategic deployment of latest technological solutions and products. Leveraging our technological expertise, Avancer has forayed into Indian market through Avancer Consulting Services Private Limited last year to provide customized identity security solutions. It aims to become growth partner with India-based organizations for securing them from potential revenue and reputational loss.
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Identity Bridge: Identity Bridge, an API engine by Avancer Corp., empowers businesses to seamlessly manage identities, control access, and govern their infrastructure with utmost efficiency and security across diverse deployment environments - on cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid set-up. Being sector agnostic and highly customizable as per an organization's requirements, Identity Bridge brings together a comprehensive suite of features to streamline identity and access management, access governance, provisioning, deprovisioning, joiner and leaver programs, seamless integration, and data security.
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