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Trump praises Big Ten for reneging on fall sports postponement, credits parents and players for keeping the faith

Sep 18, 2020

Washington (USA) September 18: President Trump said Thursday he was "proud" the Big Ten Conference voted to start the college football season, and other fall sports, after having decided to postpone the schedule because of the coronavirus.
Trump told Clay Travis in an interview on "Outkick" that he offered Big Ten Conference Commissioner Kevin Warren help with testing and told him that he had to get football back for the states and the students because it could be their last chance to showcase their talent for the NFL.
"Although I will tell you, who didn't give up. The parents didn't give up and the players didn't give up. They just wanted to play and enough with this stuff. And I called Kevin. He was open to it. We started talking real fast and hard. And they ended up it culminated in getting it done," Trump said.
The president added that the Big Ten just "needed some confidence and some backing" and gave praise to Warren for turning his decision around and allowing the Big Ten to go on and play.
"Kevin Warren did a fantastic job, by the way, gamble a lot of credit. He got out and he just they just did a big reversal. And it's hard to do a reversal here. You make a decision and now you have to say the decision we're going to change. So it's all it's really a hard thing to do. But Kevin was fantastic and some of the people we worked with were great. But now we got that one open and we're going to try and we're going to see what we can do," he said.
Trump said his next focus is to bring the Pac-12 back to the gridiron.
"I hear there's a little flexibility at Pac-12, so I don't want to get people's hopes up too high. But there's a little bit of flexibility there. We'll see if we can do it," he said.
Source: Fox News