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Some 80 migrants from Turkey cross border river into Greece

Jun 05, 2023

Athens [Greece], June 5: About 80 migrants crossed the river on the border between Turkey and Greece into the European Union on Sunday, including many children.
According to the Greek authorities, they were discovered on a small island that belongs to Greece in the river - known in Greece as the Evros and in Turkey as the Meriç - and then taken to safety.The government in Athens asked the neighbouring country to prevent further illegal entries.
According to media reports, hundreds of people are waiting on the Turkish side of the river for an opportunity to enter the EU.Greece had already taken in 138 migrants stuck on a small river island on Thursday. The Turkish authorities had let them go, according to the Greek border guard.
The Greek government wants to seal off the border in the north-east of the country almost completely because of the illegal crossings. A 35-kilometre-long fence along the river is currently being extended by 80 kilometres. According to the border guards, they prevented more than 250,000 illegal entries across the river last year. Many migrants come from conflict regions such as Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Source: Qatar Tribune