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Patrick Mahomes is a trick-or-treater's dream

Oct 27, 2020

Washington DC (USA) Oct 27: As a kid, the houses that gave out the full-size candy bars were a must-stop while trick-or-treating.
Patrick Mahomes revealed Monday on 610 Sports Radio's "The Drive" that his house gives out the goods when it comes Halloween time, making his home one of the best in his neighborhood to trick-or-treat in.
"Definitely full candy bar," Mahomes said when asked what he's giving away. "I put it on the front porch, and I let the kiddos come and get them. I try to treat them nice at least."
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback admitted he wasn't a big candy guy. He said if he had to choose one he would be more inclined to have something sour than chocolate.
As far as costumes go, Mahomes said as a kid he never really wore an embarrassing get up.
"I don't think I really had one. When I grew up, my mom always let me be a baseball player or a basketball player and I think the only other one other than that was like Batman. I think I was pretty good on not having to wear anything crazy," he told the station.
Mahomes said he initially didn't have any plans to wear a costume this year but since the holiday falls on Saturday he might have to prepare something when he goes to the hotel to get ready.
Source: Fox News