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MSNBC's Chuck Todd rips Trump as 'un-American,' shames GOP for 'enabling' him

Aug 22, 2019

Washington (USA) August 22: MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd went on the attack against President Trump Wednesday, with the left-leaning host calling some of the commander in chief's remarks earlier in the day "un-American."
"We do feel compelled to tell you, again, that what is now the norm in Washington is not normal and in many ways, it's very un-American," Todd began.
"I can't believe I have to say it, but it is not normal, nor is it American, to call Jewish-Americans disloyal if they somehow vote for the Democrats. It is not normal, let alone very American, to cancel a trip to Denmark because they won't sell us Greenland, after saying the trip to Denmark had nothing to do with buying Greenland in the first place."
Todd then took aim at the GOP for what he called the "most important and consequential piece."
"It is not normal for the Republican Party to enable this, to sit back. By not standing up, speaking out, elected Republicans are allowing the president to keep behaving erratically, abnormally, and in ways that are far from effective," Todd said. "And, oh, by the way, conditioning the entire base of the Republican Party that this is somehow normal behavior."
Todd knocked Trump's "head-spinning" presser, where he doubled down on his remarks calling Jewish-Americans who vote Democrat "disloyal" to Jews and Israel and slammed Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen for what he described as a "nasty" response to his interest in buying Greenland from Denmark.
"This is no way to run a country," Todd told viewers. "This is no way to talk about a country's citizens. It's no way to treat an American ally... Everybody in Washington knows this. Staff members at the White House know this. Top officials inside the Republican Party know this."
The NBC News political director insisted that this latest episode is why "White House aides keep leaking these crazy anecdotes."
"They're concerned about this," Todd said.
"And Republicans on the Hill know none of this is normal - that's what they admit to all of us in whispers off the record almost begging us to believe their off the record diatribes because they don't have to do nothing publically. Perhaps it's motivated by fear, maybe it's fear of the voters, fear of the president, fear of all of them," Todd added.
Source: Fox News Network