Harsh & Tanvi Somaiya, Co-founders, The Bear House

Elevating Menswear Essentials, The Bear House's Journey into E-Commerce

Feb 29, 2024

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], February 29: The Bear House, a manifestation of Co-founders Harsh and Tanvi's passion for redefining men's fashion, emerged from a profound desire to introduce minimalist and European-inspired styles into the market. Established in 2018, the label swiftly gained recognition for its commitment to quality and meticulous approach to design. As purveyors of curiosity, the name 'The Bear House' signifies a transformative pursuit, inspired by bears - creatures known for transforming environments with their inquisitive nature. With a commitment to playfulness, inspiration, and aspiration, the label embodies a fashion identity that is authentic and contemporary.
The label's minimalist and European styles have become its hallmark, offering an extensive range of shirts, tees, polos, denims, oversized t-shirts, boxers and accessories. The Bear House focuses on quality-driven R&D, experimenting with materials. The in-house quality and research team meticulously works on fabric structure and weaving techniques to deliver exceptional products. Their design philosophy is inspired by a rich tapestry of artistic, architectural, and cultural influences and aim to encapsulate a lifestyle that is both refined and effortless, appealing to the modern man who values sophistication alongside comfort.
With shirts constituting 80% of sales, The Bear House distinguishes itself with a semi-formal style, ideal for both office wear and social events. The brand's USP lies in its commitment to simplicity, innovation, and setting trends in men's fashion. Aspiring to stand out, they have ventured into unique categories such as polos, contributing significantly to its sales.
The label has strategically adapted to market demand and now stands as a significant player, with monthly sales of 1.5 lakh shirts. It introduces new styles monthly, and recorded a revenue of nearly 91 crores in FY2022-23, marking its significant presence in the market with an outstanding 175% sales growth for the year 2023-24. In the current year, The Bear House has already surpassed 142 crores and anticipates closing at an impressive 162 crores
Beyond the products, The Bear House aspires to create a distinct retail experience. The brand aims to introduce 700-800 designs in polo t-shirts and has started to diversify into accessories like belts, shoes, socks, sunglasses and even sneakers with an aim to expand its presence in offline retail by launching company-owned stores.
Coming from strong manufacturing and design backgrounds, Harsh and Tanvi lead the brand with a collective vision, and their journey reflects a dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to redefining contemporary menswear in India.
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